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Thank you for visiting www.dadonspl.com

I'm Joe and I became a first-time dad at 34 to our first child, MC.

We live in East London. I like to think of myself as a lawyer by day; musician by night (though I'm now usually only jamming on the sofa!)

My partner and split Shared Parental Leave equally between us - both taking 6 months off work to look after MC. My partner took the first 6 months and I took the second 6 months.

The current aims of this website are:
  1. To diarise my experience of taking leave with MC through my blog;
  2. To encourage other Dads (or same-sex mums) to take advantage of Shared Parental Leave; and
  3. To promote general awareness of the benefits of taking Shared Parental Leave for individuals, families, commercial entities and wider society.
If you're also taking some SPL, or have an interest in this area, I'd love to hear about your experiences; you will see I'm conducting a series of interviews with other professionals that have taken parental leave.

Do get in touch with me on LinkedIn - I'm always keen to collaborate with like minded professionals.

All the best