The Shared Parental League

Below is my Shared Parental League table that highlights some of the best SPL performers in the UK. 

These are companies that are leading the way and walking the walk (not just talking the talk) with regards to gender equality in the workplace. 

My Shared Parental League as at 8 March 2020:

Some notes / FAQS on my Shared Parental League:
  1. Why does the League focus on pay available in months 7-12?

    Gender equality in the work place will only be achieved when men take an equal role as the PRIMARY care giver to their children. It is very difficult for men to be the primary caregiver in the early months of a child's life (mainly due to breast feeding and the need for mother and child to bond etc.). The early period of parental leave is also crucial for mum to recover from giving birth.

    This means that if a man takes leave in the early stages he is likely to be providing support to the mother, which is a great, but he is unlikely to be gaining experience as the sole and primary caregiver.

    I summarise this as the difference between being a "hands-on dad" and being capable of being the "only-pair-of-hands dad" and this is why I focus on the second six months of the birth year.
  2. What is the "Birthday Peg"?
    This is a common SPL policy flaw that pegs any enhanced paid leave available to the birth date of the child, rather than allowing this paid leave to be taken at any time during the birth year (or even after the birth year ends).

    If a company pegs leave available to the birth date, that company is essentially saying - we think dads should help tidy the house and do the dishes after childbirth, but we do not want to enable Dads to be the shared PRIMARY care giver to their children.
  3. My company has a great SPL policy - I want it to be in the League!?
    Great! Send a me a copy of the policy or direct me to where it is publicly available and I will include your company in the League.
  4. Hey! You've got our policy wrong / we've changed and improved our SPL offering?

    My sincere apologies - let me know your correct policy and I will update the table - and hopefully you will jump up a few places in the League! I try to ensure that my information is as accurate as possible and sourced from a company's own website where possible.
  5. What does the asterisk (*) mean?

    I have been unable to confirm from public information whether or not the policy contains a birthday peg. As the league has become more competitive, I have now made the presumption that these policies DO contain a Birthday Peg. However, if this is not the case PLEASE do let me know so I can update the league and jump that company up the rankings!


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