8 November 2018 - I'm a Dad!

So it finally arrived - the day I became a Dad.

To say it didn't go as planned would be an understatement, but TP (my better half) and I had mentally prepared ourselves for the fact that childbirth is not straight-forward process.

I hope to do a longer post detailing the events and gory details (ambulance, operating theatre, intensive care...!) but when all was said and done - we were lucky in that we left hospital after 6 days with a very healthy baby and a recovering (amazing) mum.

Here she is!



This was the first photo taken of our daughter - taken in a flurry of emotion and excitement whilst TP was still on the operating table.

I can't say that I felt an immediate pang of  "this is the most beautiful person/baby/thing I've ever seen" etc. I actually felt that the whole childbirth experience was quite bizarre - like I was watching us go through it on TV, rather than actually doing it ourselves. So much was alien: the doctors, procedures, language used, and the sight of a newborn baby itself - your baby - 50% you, wriggling around on white towel coughing up her own poo (more on that in the gory post!).

Though from the moment she arrived, however, I did immediately feel that I had crossed a line; come to the end of one journey, to the start of another.

I could feel that a new life had started immediately - and so in that sense I guess everything did change at 13:29 on 8 November 2018.

I suppose I'll have fun working out exactly what changed for the rest of my life.