Piccolo in Islington - baby sensory on speed

Piccolo has a somewhat cult status amongst the Mums (and Dads) in and around Islington. TP had been raving about it so I was super keen to get involved. It would be an emotional event for TP: her last Piccolo before returning to work and handing over the reins to Dadio!

The class is above a pub - The Hanbury Arms - in a super swanky part of Islington. I'd recommend getting there about 15 minutes early just so you can walk the buggy around and pretend you live there.

The class itself was brilliant in its simplicity - Stefanie, the person running the show, simply gets up  and belts out some kids' tunes (interspersed with a dance around to Shakira whilst the bubble machine is raging). Instruments and puppets are hurled around, singing along is mandatory and Stefanie takes no prisoners.

Stefanie gets the kids interacting - MC clearly loves it and there's a good range of ages from very small newbies to just under 3 year olds.

The kid gloves are off: there's no cooing and pink drapy cloths being fluttered around - nor any clap-trap on the "latest research" about how each song will develop my little darling's neocortex - this is unadulterated fun - this is Baby Sensory for grown ups!

Class Summary:

Cost: £6 for around 45 minutes

Female/male parent ratio: 20:1

Any other Dads: No 😐 (though there has been one or two at subsequent classes).

Recommended?: HELL YES!

TP Shakira-ing for the last time with MC: