MC's first cold - nasal aspiration time #snotsucker

This week MC caught a real cold for the first time. Lots of snot, sweat, toil and tears (for all involved).

I've always been a big believer in having grand aspirations - though the below wasn't what I had in mind...

I was tasked with heading down the chemists with MC to get my hands on as much painkillers as is legal to give a 7 month old baby, and a snotsucker (sorry, "nasal aspirator").

This contraption is basically a bendy tube with a chamber mid way for snot collection. The idea is you shove it up your baby's snotty nostril and suck out the bogies.

TP, who quickly developed a cold herself when the snotsucking duties came to be divided, left this job to me: #toughgig

And, who knew? Babies with a bad cold don't like having a tube stuck up their nose?! When I did finally lock on and "aspirate" only a minuscule amount of mucus emerged.

#fail 😔

Top tip: give the snotsucker a miss and stick to the Calpol!