MC's third trip abroad - Segovia, Spain #Alcázar

I absolutely love Spain.

The food is amazing, the wine and beer are good, the weather is perfect and it's amazingly cheap. For all of the above reasons, TP and I have been on at least one jolly to España every year we've been together.

For MC's third trip abroad we took her to Segovia - a small town/city in the mountains around an hour's drive from Madrid. She was 6 months old at the time (May '19).

We've found that Spain is absolutely full of amazing little gems of towns that aren't overpopulated with tourists but are no less packed with beautiful buildings and a lazy smattering of tapas bars and restaurants.

We realised pretty quickly that our jaunts to Spain were going to be markedly different with MC in tow. However, we still managed to hit all the main sights and enjoy the local fare.

All in all a great trip and a highly recommended destination with the little one.

WARNING: We were expecting every chemist and supermarket to have copious supplies of pre-made formula milk. Not so! This led to somewhat of a desperate panic running round numerous stores before our supply ran out and things got ugly.


Some fancy church at night; we braved a little walk into town in the hope that MC would snooze in the pram and we could have a cheeky glass of Spanish sherry. Needless to say, this was an absolute fail - screaming child and mission aborted within 15 minutes.

On top of the Alcázar:

MC and TP hanging out:

Some homemade paella, a la DadonSPL!

Roman aqueduct:

© / Joseph Young


  1. Interesting post! I have been following your Spain travel experiences for a couple of days now. This third trip to Segovia Spain gave me the nudge to apply for a Visa for Spain. I & my wife were so close to visiting Spain last year before the pandemic decided to thwart most of our plans. But, with travel restrictions easing up I might just be able to visit this beautiful country with my wife have and create some beautiful memories.

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