When Bob Dylan met Baby Shark (and 50 babies) #carnage

The baby class circuit continued this morning with Frog Prince Baby Music class at Hackney City Farm.

I started to get a feel for things after seeing the sheer number of pushchairs on arrival. In short, c. 50 parents + 50 babies/toddlers + 1 small room = carnage!

The "Music Man", some dude who looked like he's done a couple of laps of the adult music circuit himself, dished out a smorgasbord of nursery rhyme covers on his guitar with a folksy charm. All the big hits and top tunes were in there: Wheels on the Bus, Duke of York, Baby Shark, Twinkle Tinkle... the list goes on.

MC seemed to enjoy it (though she wasn't fully in the bear pit of ravenous toddlers tearing up the drums / instruments provided). However, given the sheer numbers in attendance it was a little less interactive than Piccolo (another song based baby/toddler class).

I should mention it's well worth sticking around for lunch in Frizzante Cafe and having a look round the farm - all in all this makes the activity a full half day and well worth the trip out.

Class Summary:

Cost: £5 for around 50 minutes

Female/male parent ratio: 9:1

Any other Dads: Yes around 5.

Recommended?: The setting is amazing and the cafe is lovely - I'm keen to come back and give the class a go when it's outside in the nice weather. It also might be better  for MC when I can leave her to play on the big mat in the middle.