Bottle Feeding? Buy this gizmo right now! #perfectprep

As MC was exclusively breast fed from birth, when she was around 5 months old, the fear started creeping in: I'm just not furnished with the right glands to feed my child.

Step in bottle feeding - a necessity for all Dads about to embark on a period of Shared Parental Leave.


* not this type of bottle

Accordingly, I went on a little jolly to Sainsbury's to pick up some formula milk (which deserves at least two further blog posts in itself). 

I'd been given strict instructions from TP that MC was to have Hipp Organic Milk (and not some inferior brand that would signal all the wrong virtues) so I located said box of powdered milk (quelle surprise, the most expensive - except for the organic goat's milk 😆). Mission accomplished: milk purchased and I returned home to give it a test run (now that I'm a sensible Dad that thinks ahead!)

I'd briefly remembered that my friends C&A (veteran parents with two kids) had told me about buying some magical machine for doing formula milk, though I'd thought to myself - how hard can it be? Powdered milk + water = milk for the baby?

Then I read the instructions on the box of milk; I didn't even read past Step 2 "Boil 1 litre of freshly run water and leave to cool for no longer than 30 minutes" before thinking - I'm buying that machine!

"... leave to cool for no longer than 30 minutes"!? Seriously? When MC is about to turn on the tear-ducts - I'd say you've got a margin of error of 30-60 seconds to get a boob (soon to be a bottle) in her mouth before it's Armageddon!

Having made the decision to purchase, I was straight on WhatsApp to said super parents to obtain the low down and then straight on eBay to secure the merchandise:

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, (below in all it's second hand glory):

Two clicks and a quick shake and you're holding a premium bottle of baby sleeping juice - at the right temperature.

This is the best £60 or (£25 quid second hand) you will ever spend. And Tommee Tippee isn't even paying me to say this!

What are you waiting for - buy this indispensable kit right now!