Of Adam Smith and Formula Milk. Discuss. #spreadsheets

Since me and my mate Lindow aced our Maths AS-Level coursework, the word "formula" has meant only one thing to me: spreadsheets.

Though some things have changed since 2001, and I've switched from Excel to Google Sheets (less functionality but it's much funkier yeah, and, like, sharing?!), my mind still works the same.

So when TP said we're moving onto formula milk, my mind immediately migrated to the grid-lines of mathematical possibilities of the trusty spreadsheet.*

We started looking into the various brands of formula milk and I saw the opportunity to harness the power of the spreadsheet to do some serious cost analysis.

Formula milk is heavily regulated as HM Government doesn't want you filling its future tax generators with milk from chlorinated cows so - here's the thing - THEY ARE BASICALLY ALL THE SAME!

There are actually quite a lot of things to factor in - tub size / scoop size / liquid v powder / which mammal the milk comes from - so to cut through the marketing I generated the following cost analysis sheet (feel free to nab those formulae and use them yourself - just buy me a beer next time we're at 1 year old birthday party):

Dadonspl's Formula Milk Cost Comparison Spreadsheet

So, after running the cost analysis, I presented my results to TP and with all the rational weight that my degree in Economics provides and announced that we would be buying Sainsbury's own brand milk costing just 24p per feed.

TP however, ever keen to shun my rational thinking, rejected these infallible calculations and said we were getting the Hipp Organic milk (37p per feed!!)... what ya gonna do?


*I should point out at this stage, the spreadsheet would probably appear in my top 5 all time favourite things.