Music with MC #musiclover #blues

There are few greater joys than seeing a smile on your child's face when you're playing music to them.

When MC was in the womb, I was coincidentally prepping for some blues jams and, in particular, some shuffles in the key of F. It was really funny when she was born: playing the blues in the key of F seemed to sooth her like no other key did!

I thought she would have loved the dulce tones of my classical / flamenco guitar, but no, she just straight up loves the blues being pumped out of the Telecaster.

She has even started to help out by plucking the strings - at around 7 months she could pluck individual guitar strings - Jimi, Eric - were you doing that eh?

In all seriousness, as I've always had really bad pitch (just ask any of my friends who have heard me sing after 2 beers - though for some reason I never turn down the "offers" to do it again). So I'm super keen to get MC boosted up on the music - singing basic scales to her etc.

Basically, I'm expecting Grade 8 on two instruments by the time she's 16.