East London Dads In Lifts #tongueincheek

Living near Shoreditch, it's pretty hard to prevent artistic influences seeping into yourself. Therefore I'm not surprised that during my time on SPL - when my creative juices were liberated from the corporate world - MC and I got up to some pretty arty shit.

For example, I spontaneously started a photography project by taking selfies as I was entering/exiting my building with MC on our many excursions during my SPL. When placed together, the juxtaposition of the photos encourages the viewer to not view them as indiviual photos but rather a running commentary on the changing nature of parenthood in 21st Century London.

I'm considering contacting Hoxton Mini Press, of East London Swimmers fame, to see if they'll publish my collection as part of a series in an A5 hardback book to adorn the coffee tables of Shoredtich, Dalston and Hackney Wick.

I'm thinking the title could be "East London Dads in Lifts"...

...or maybe I'll just stick to the day job!


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