My submission to the Government consultation on Shared Parental Leave #letsgetserious

Theresa May's last act as Prime Minister was to announce a Government Consultation into the current parental leave framework in the UK.

As you might have gathered by now, I have one or two things to say about Shared Parental Leave.

Accordingly, I was keen to respond to the consultation. Over the past week or so, despite returning to work full time, I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck into writing my response.

You can read my response in all its glory HERE (sorry for the typos - I was pumping this out until 1am for 3 nights straight!)

If you're interested in my response or have any comments on it - please do get in touch via email or by LinkedIn.

As always, massive thanks to TP for her assistance and support whilst I was putting the response together.

Finally, here's a cute picture of me and MC enjoying ourselves during my SPL:


Full URL to my consultation response: