My appearance at Vodafone #corporategig

Vodafone has a fantastic parental leave policy that allows Dads to take 16 weeks at full pay. Crucially, Vodafone allow new Dads to take this leave up until the child is 18 month's old. This is important as it would allow mum to take her full 1-year maternity entitlement and Dad then to take a further 4 months of leave.

In other words, Vodafone has smashed the Birthday Peg out of the park!

The thing is, removing the Birthday Peg has NO impact on a business's exposure, but a massive impact on couples' flexibility to share parental leave how they wish, and helps families bridge the gap between parental leave and funded childcare.

Vodafone also throw in a period of part time working upon return. Brilliant.

Well done to Vodafone for it's innovative approach, thinking beyond the scope of the existing legislation to provide a policy that's right for their employees.


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